A Finn and an American with buckets, ambition and a dream of opening their own craft brewery.

Our passion for craft beer began in 2016 at Mother Kelly’s taproom in Bethnal Green.

As bartenders at Mother Kelly’s we were privileged to play a small, albeit exciting, role in exposing East London to the great beers being produced by the ever growing number of craft breweries around the UK and the world.

Captivated by the immersive camaraderie, passion, and love that brewers and beer lover’s showed one

another, we knew that we had found our calling.

We bought our first 20 litre, all-grain brewing kit from the Malt Miller along with countless books on brewing, fermentation, biology, water, hops and grain. It was here in an apartment kitchen near Old Street where Old Street Brewery began.|

Our past experience home-brewing along with our countless hours “researching” beers from our favourite breweries allowed us to quickly begin developing our own recipes. In these early days we defined success as we still do today, by the smiles, laughter, and good times shared by our friends and family as they enjoy our craft.

For months we chased, and probably annoyed, every brewer we could for advice and the chance to brew with them on a “real” brewing kit. A massive thanks to the guys and girls at Orbit, Affinity, Elusive, BBNo and Fourpure, among others, who let us pick their brains and learn from the best.


We were soon afforded the opportunity to brew on a small 100 litre kit underneath the Queens Head Pub near Kings Cross, London. It would certainly be an understatement to say we were excited to be able to hone our skills and brew for the public. Even though we were only brewing on a 100litre kit, we were overjoyed. Ecstatic.

It was a dream come true to have made the transition from homebrewing to becoming “commercial" brewers. This amazing feeling is one we imagine is shared by every commercial brewer as well as artisans across many crafts.

Our great experiences brewing under the Queens Head Pub cemented our desire to open our own craft brewery. When we found out an arch was available in the heart of Bethnal Green, seconds away from Mother Kelly’s and within a great community, we knew we had found the location for our first brewery and taproom.

In our new arch we’re still brewing on the same kit we had at the Queens Head

pub. However, we’ve welded a little more steel on the tanks to give us a 250 litre capacity. While this is minuscule compared to most craft breweries, we love our kit and the beers we’ve made with it. We’re looking forward to the great times ahead with this kit and the massive range of beers we'll brew with it.

We’re very passionate about giving back to the craft beer community that has given us this amazing opportunity and fostered our dreams into a reality. We’re

only here today due to the great people in this community and want to give back in the best way we can: spreading the knowledge of our craft to anyone who shares our passion. Accordingly, we’re an open door for home brewers, beer connoisseurs, and anyone else who would love to get their hands dirty and brew some beers with us.

So drop us a line to setup a brew day or simply stop by and drink some fresh beer in our taproom. We’ll be around everyday for a chat over some great beers.

See you there!